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Everything you need to know

If there is anything you cannot find here, then do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]

What to bring

  • Comfy outfits suitable for yoga

  • Layers! It can be cold in October, so best to plan for cold weather

  • A shawl or blanket to drape over yourself during stillness and meditation to keep cosy and warm

  • Yoga mat (if you have one)

  • Nightwear

  • Toiletries

  • Wet weather clothes

  • Wellies

  • Walking shoes or trainers

What we will provide

  • Towels and bedding 

  • Shampoo, conditioner, soap and body wash

  • We have a number of yoga mats and blocks so if you don’t have a yoga mat (or would prefer not to bring your own), then just let us know so we can ensure there is a mat for you

  • Tea, coffee, water throughout the day and all meals and snacks. No need to bring food 🙂

Where you will stay

All twelve guests will be staying at Hurds Hill, a Regency country house with Victorian additions. Little fact for you: It was the home of Langport’s most famous resident, Walter Bagehot, who is regarded as one of the 19th century’s most influential writers on government, banking and finance. He was editor of the Economist magazine for 16 years from 1860 to 1876.

The present owners acquired the property in 2011 and have spent two years renovating the house, which now offers comfortable rooms and wonderful communal spaces to relax. The place has oodles of character thanks to the owners vast collection of antiques, books and collectables. The house is set in 5 acres of private and peaceful grounds with far-reaching views over the Somerset Levels.

The Yoga

You will enjoy yoga classes morning and evening throughout the retreat.

Yoga in the morning will be a vinyasa flow which is energizing and strength building. The class will run for approximately 75 minutes

Yoga in the evening will be a yin style class which involves longer holds and is focused on letting go. The class will run for approximately 60 minutes. 

Yoga nidra will be offered to guests on the Saturday evening. It is a guided meditation focused on deep relaxation to get you ready for a peaceful sleep.

All classes are entirely optional.


Mindful Foraging 

Rebekah, founder of Somerset Soulfood, will introduce us to mindful foraging. We will take a gentle walk, during which we will meet many plants that aid in nutrition and medicine. We will also drop into a guided meditation. You will come away with more knowledge of the vast array of plants around us and a deepened sense of how connected we are.

Lunch on the River Parrett

You will take lunch on board the Duchess of Cocklemore, Langport’s community passenger boat. There is nothing quite like floating down a river, watching life and nature pass you by whilst eating a delicious lunch!


(subject to change)


What level of fitness do I need to be for the Yoga Classes?2023-07-06T16:18:13+01:00

You do not need to be super fit or super bendy to participate and enjoy the yoga. You also do not have to have done any yoga whatsoever. The classes will cater for beginners to advanced yogis.

The morning classes are slightly stronger and you may get a little sweaty but rest assured, Toni will provide options for all fitness levels and flexibility levels. If you do ever feel that the class is too tiring or too much for you, you can rest in childs pose until you are ready to join in again and you can always discuss anything with Toni, your yoga instructor. Listening to your body is the most important thing.

Can I go for walks on my own?2022-07-24T09:07:39+01:00

We will provide maps of a few different walking routes and you are welcome to choose one of these routes and go for a walk on your own. We would ask that you stick to the routes highlighted as we wouldn’t want you to get lost!

Will anything change if the weather is very rainy?2022-07-24T09:06:50+01:00

We ask that you bring wet weather gear and wellies so that we can avoid missing out on any of the activities if we have a rainy weekend.

What should I expect to eat?2023-07-06T16:07:29+01:00

Food at a Rise Retreat is plentiful, nourishing and tasty. Meals will be served family-style for dinner, which will be our largest meal of the day. If you have dietary restrictions that you have not already informed us of, please let us know so we can ensure you are catered for.

We are very lucky to have the owner of the estate, Lucy, helping to prepare all the meals. Lucy is  passionate about serving up fresh, seasonal vegetarian food which is locally sourced where possible.

How about coffee?2023-07-06T16:16:39+01:00

I love the taste of coffee and see it as an essential part of my morning ritual, retreat or no retreat! So if you are a coffee drinker like me, coffee will be available.

We will also provide english breakfast and a variety of herbal teas for you to help yourselves to throughout the day.

What are the bedrooms like?2023-07-06T16:15:49+01:00

Each bedroom has an ensuite bathroom and is individually designed. The experience is like staying in a private house, with everything you need for a restful stay.

Will you arrange transfers?2023-09-19T16:26:39+01:00

Faar Estate is about a 25 minutes drive from Inverness airport and train station. If you would like for us to arrange a transfer for you, please contact us on [email protected] or message Jess +447392103285 with your arrival information and timings, and we should be able to arrange transport to bring you to the venue. Cost for this should be between  ÂŁ15 and 45,  depending on how many others join.

Is there parking?2022-07-24T08:52:59+01:00

Yes there are spaces for cars to park next to the House

What are the directions to get to the retreat venue?2023-07-06T16:13:47+01:00

Farr is a stunning estate in the Scottish Highlands. Conveniently located approximately 25 minutes drive from Inverness, it is easy to get to but also remote.

Here is the address if you are driving:

Farr House



[email protected]

+44 (0)7904 075361

Who can I contact if I have questions?2023-07-06T16:14:41+01:00

You can contact Jess any time. I will be your host and will be staying a few minutes down the road from Farr House, so you can contact me any time during the retreat and leading up to it if you have any questions at all.

My email: [email protected]

My mobile number: +447392103285

Tell me more about the yoga classes2022-08-03T12:08:08+01:00

Yoga in the morning will be a vinyasa flow class which will be energizing and strength bulding. The class will run for approximately 75 minutes.

Yoga in the evening will be a yin style class which involves longer holds and is focused on letting go. The class will run for approximately 60 minutes.

Both classes will involve some breathwork/pranayama or a guided meditation.


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