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We invite you to join us for the ultimate get-real girls’ getaway!  This is where you will discover just how fabulous you are! Get un”stuffed” and dump the things that have been holding you  back and stuck in the muck.  Enjoy two days and two nights on the lake while getting real, digging deep, being inspired, exploring truths, creating shifts, making connections and much, much more.  Leave rejuvenated and inspired to get back to creating that life you’ve only – up ’til now – been dreaming of.

What have you got to lose?  Only fear, self-doubt, insecurities, make-up and your fancy clothes!  This a sweats-and-jeans kind of getaway where the friends, the work, and the connections are what matters.  Want to spend it in your PJ’s? … we’re just fine with that.  Seriously… we are!

Our inspiration for this retreat comes from the fact that we believe our interpersonal behaviours overflow into all aspects of our life and business, and when you get real with what you really want, only then can you get laser-focused on achieving your goal – ANY goal – and then all the squirrels disappear (except the ones you want to feed!).  Our mission is for you to deeply discover who you are and what matters to you, identify what’s holding you back and bust through the self-sabotaging behaviours you know you have, create shifts in your thinking so you can live braver, and leave evolved a renewed, braver and bolder you than you were when you arrived.

We will also have a lot of FUN!

Isn’t it time you create inspiration in your life, form a new relationship with yourself and some new friends?  Enjoy great food (fresh, home-made meals and snacks), great conversation, personal challenges, laughs, fireside chats, smores, as well as over a half-dozen activities designed to question, challenge, and leave you looking at your life differently.  48 hours may just change your life.  Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it?  It can happen, but being open to what comes next is the first step… just ask our last retreat attendees!

Are you ready to say hello to your new, big life?


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What have you lost connection to? What have you let go of and want back?  Want to connect to your 16-year-old self? Rediscovering what you truly want is the first step.

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What are the blocks?  What or who (is who, YOU!?!) is standing in the way of you having what you desire in your life? Put your finger on the pulse of what’s in your way and you can begin to get unstuck.


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By being open to new information and creative thinking, you can change how you problem-solve.  We love it when “shift” happens!

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The ultimate goal.  New information, tools, resources, and support means you leave knowing more.  And when you know more, you can do more, be more,  and have more!

Feedback and high-fives!


“The weekend was such an uplifting event, I became energized and excited for the good to come. I can’t wait for the next one!”
“You both have had and will continue to have a deep impact on myself and these women’s lives… Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Barbara and Jenny, this is both of your true life purpose!”  #Gratitude #LifeChanging 
“Jenny and Barbara are an amazing team.  Their talents balance and compliment each other perfectly.  The weekend was jam packed with thought provoking activities that made me want to fully embrace the process from the moment I arrived.”
Life changing weekend that I needed in order to first figure out what I needed to let go of, then let it go, and what I needed to change in myself in order to embrace the new me that’s been waiting to come out.”



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September 9 – 11, 2016 – Lovesick Lake

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Barbara and Jenny - RISE Retreats

About Us

Jenny (left) and Barbara (right) were connected long before they even knew it:  Barbara co-founded and ran a teen’s empowerment magazine, in 2007.  Shortly after she sold her share in it to her partner, Jenny became a contributor for it!  They had lots of mutual friends and acquaintances so fast forward a couple of years later when they were connected on Facebook and then again a short time after that when a chance meeting brought them together – face to face.   Their connection was immediate, and strong.  A lunch date (turned into a four-hour meeting) and another breakfast meeting lasted for hours.  At another dinner meeting one night late in 2015, the unnamed retreat idea was born.

Both Jenny and Barbara dreamt of running women’s retreats that nourished the soul, fed the dreamer, and awakened the spirit, but neither wanted to do it alone. Being just silly enough that they don’t take themselves too seriously, they decided to jump in with both feet and see what happens.  “What have we got to lose, right?”  They went to work with their dreams, whiteboards, markers, lots of notes and ideas of how they each wanted their workshop to look, feel and be received, and it was during the creation of the workbook activities where the acronym R.I.S.E. came to be.  It means, “rediscover, identify, shift, and evolve.” From speaking to women, the feedback is that it means something different to everyone who hears the word rise.  Lift others up so they may rise, rise to meet your dreams, after all that’s happened; still rise.  It was the perfect word for the retreats and events planned for the future; everyone can, in some way, rise to meet their best life.

So in June of 2016, together they launched their first women’s retreat.  It was met with such enthusiasm on launch night that it never got to launch publicly and it sold out in less than a week. 8 women journeyed to Lovesick Lake, in Ontario for an intimate, private event that not only ended up changing women’s lives (so they were told), but also their own.

Jenny and Barbara live the work they teach and walk the walk.   They are both Moms who chose to work from home when they had their families, always putting family first… so between the two of them, there’s a combined 42 years of Momsense.  They work smart on their businesses and laugh when life gets hard because let’s face it, life is hard, but they both believe that it’s how you choose to journey through the hard that really matters.  They are neither perfect nor always put together, with families that are as real, messy and full of love as they are.  It’s through the similarities in their authentic, crazy-messy journeys that they each live that brought them together in a way that makes them perfect (as they can be) for leading you through your decision to R.I.S.E. at one of their retreats.

They can’t guarantee you’ll have a great time because after all, you’ll get out of it what you put into it, but they’re pretty sure you will leave feeling happy that you came and maybe even… changed for the better. ♥

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